We all know that as soon as spring break is over, summer is the only thing on everyone’s mind. If you are senior heading to UK this fall, you should also keep your Summer Advising Conference at the forefront of your brain, too. In the video below, my friend and co-worker Unique Young explains how to register for you Summer Advising Conference.

Your Summer Advising Conference is a two-day experience where you learn an infinite amount about being a student at UK. You will also register for your classes. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet dozens of incoming freshmen like you.

There will be about 25 Wildcat Assistants, including myself, that will be there to help you with any questions you might have. I would also encourage you to attend the Lexington Downtown tour at the end of your first day. 


We will head to the Arboretum (see the picture) where you will have the opportunity to try a Kentucky staple, Valentine’s Bourbon Ball Ice Cream. 

Be sure to sign up for your Summer Advising Conference through your myUK account. We began mailing out information for Conferences in mid-February. You cannot afford to miss out on this awesome experience!

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