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A true #seeblue champion! It was great having UK great Derek Anderson back on campus tonight. He spoke to a group of incoming students about hard work and character. Derek was a member of the 1996 #UniversityofKentucky Men’s Basketball National Championship team and also has an #NBA Championship on his resume. Thank you, Derek! We can’t wait to read your book #Stamina - #weareuk #bbn #DerekAnderson #KentuckyWildcats #BigBlueNation #GoCats - photo by @andybond006 http://ift.tt/1m6re4V

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A little snow on this April day. Aren’t the tulips beautiful!? #seeblue Repost from @andybond006 —- Pop Quiz: What season is it in Lexington? | #seeblue #SeeSnow http://ift.tt/1l1YaHI

It’s snowing, and it’s the middle of April. See what I said about Kentucky weather being crazy and how to never bring your winter clothing home too early? I’ve seen tons of people layered in hoodies today because their winter clothes are tucked away. Don’t be that person who gets a cold right before finals! You’ve been warned.

Happy Tuesday!

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#MCM #WCS #seeblue #Repost from @coachcaldotcom —- Heads up in the front row. This guy’s coming back for another season. http://ift.tt/1m4e0De

This Saturday, I ran in the Color Me Rad 5K held in Lexington. I heard about the race through one of UK’s sororities’ sponsorship of the event. It was a blast to begin the run in white and end it in pink, purple, yellow, blue, red, and orange with other UK students and the people of Lexington. This race also benefited the Ronald McDonald House! Coming from a small town, I love that Lexington has so many fun activities to fill my weekends. Traveling 5Ks never visited my hometown!

These are my top 5 investments I think every college student should have for spring.
1. A sturdy umbrella and rain jacket to accompany it: April showers!
2. An outfit for Keeneland! Sundresses and button ups are the best options.
3. A good ball cap, because everyone loves hiding a bad hair day.
4. Sunglasses, since the weather is actually pretty enough to justify wearing them again!
5. A go-to pair of sandals. It’s time to kick off those winter boots!

Happy Spring! Have a great Monday.


Hey everyone! The weather was gorgeous today on UK’s campus-83 degrees! However, many people seem to be blissfully unaware of the impending snow storm set to hit Lexington Tuesday evening. I know it’s unfortunate and everyone is tired of winter, but we all need to dress warmly! This can serve as a friendly reminder to all you prospective students out there. Don’t take your winter clothes home too early. KY weather is so sporadic! Be sure to keep some winter clothes all year. You never know! Have a great week, everybody!


I cannot express how incredibly sad I am that my freshman year is nearly over. I will try and sum it up for you all now but it will be nearly impossible for me to articulate just how deeply I love my school. The University of Kentucky is definitely the best thing that’s happened to me. There have been so many “ups” including sorority recruitment, playing intramural flag football, winning Senator At-large in the Student Government elections, football tailgates, the NCAA tournament, becoming best friends with my roommates, late night Ovid’s Cafe runs, pulling an A in chemistry, going to the Lumineers concert, living the good life in the brand new Central Hall, etc. When I try to think of any “downs” I had, I can only think of one. I wish all of my high school friends could have come to UK and experienced all of its greatness along with me.

Bottom line is, I will be forever grateful to the Big Blue Nation for showing me who I am and where I want to go in my life. Thank you UK, for giving me boundless opportunities for success. Thank you, for helping me grow up into an adult and handle my life on my own. Thank you, for bringing me to people that I know I will share deep friendships with forever. Thanks for giving me a community that has fostered my personal growth and intellectual curiosity. Thanks for turning me into an obsessive UK basketball fan that I swore I would never become (it’s just inevitable sorry). And thank you UK, for making my freshman year the best year of my life.


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It has been a beautiful weekend here in the #Bluegrass! We hope you’ve been out enjoying the sunshine!! #seeblue #sharethelex #kentucky #universityofkentucky Repost from @dribarrilao —- University of Kentucky. It’s a beautiful day =D #sunny #sun #flower #beautiful #hot #USA #UniversityofKentucky http://ift.tt/1kNLnwW

Hey everyone! SO, I guarantee you have heard about the Keeneland Race Track as some point in your life if you are an aborigine of Kentucky. Here are my five reasons to go, as well as a link to the website if you have any further questions or would like driving directions. Enjoy. :)

1. Admission is only $5.

2. You get an excuse to dress up, and you really don’t have a reason to do that very much in college.

3. It’s a chance to see some horse racing!

4. You get to spend time outside!

5. Plus, they have really cute tee shirts.

Here is the link below if you’re interested. Have a great Saturday, and a wonderful weekend.



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#FF a photo from the #UniversityofKentucky 2013 May #Commencement. Doesn’t it feel like school just started?! It’s hard to believe that graduation is just a few short weeks away. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who will earn a diploma this spring - from college or high school! It’s a bittersweet time for us as we say goodbye to our graduates and welcome a new freshman class this fall. One thing is for sure: #seeblue forever! #KentuckyWildcats #graduation http://ift.tt/1keyERe

Hey guys! In case you were curious, there are three weeks left of school! How crazy is that? I just wanted to update you as to what is going on here at UK for the rest of the semester. 

April 14-18 Normal Classes

April 21-25 Normal Classes

April 28- May 2 Dead Week

(Meaning that there can’t be any homework, exams, or quizzes that week)

May 5-9 Finals

May 10- Graduation

I finish everything on May 7. It’s crazy to think that I will be done with my first year of college in a few short weeks! 


Did you all know that UK offers a dance minor? Neither did I! I just attended the Spring Showcase at the Fine Arts Building and was blown away by some of the talent we have here at UK. I find it really neat that many students combined their major into their minor performance. If you ever get the chance to check out any of the dance work, I would highly recommend it.


Hey guys. If you all didn’t know, I am currently training to be an official UK tour guide. On our tour this Thursday, we ran into Dr. Capilouto walking out of his house at Maxwell Place! How exciting! It was definitely a treat for me, as well as all the parents and students that are there. Fun fact: that is his only place of residence, and he keeps it very open to the students. It’s nice to know that our President is actually quite involved on campus instead of just being a figurehead! Go Cats!


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With baseball season in full swing, #TBT to our UK 1930 men’s baseball team. Good luck #UKbaseball as they take Mizzou at home this weekend! #seeblue #weareuk http://ift.tt/1epIW17